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So many things done lastly.

My lastest entry for the animation contest on the 11 Second Club for November 2011 :

The clip "Santa Claus is coming to town" by Justin Bieber done at Digital Banana :

The commercial to promote the brand "King Jouet" before christmas at Digital Banana:

An animation done for a facebook page to promote the new blue Dragibus at SupamonkS :

A contest I did for the "10e fête du cinema d'animation" with Afca and Fous d'anim. Music done by Alain Cure :

Two Commercials done for OB at SupamonkS :

The opening for the TV show "Vivement Dimanche" done at Agence Television :

The pilot done for a TV serie called Burny for Zeilt Productions :

The clip Supalove from DSL done at Firm Studio :

The second spot for Wedel done at Delapost :

The second spot for Joker done at Akama :